Essential components


Remember, we can say a lot without saying a word.


Stylishly communicate to your customers.


Tastefully give clients a reason to buy your products.

A Clear Difference

Truly Customizable

Our User Interface extents your impactful branding and tells your story in the way you want it told. 

User Friendly

Our user interface designs look dramatic and have a simplistic natural ease of use allowing your client to quickly find the product they wish to purchase.

Tight Integration

Our Software is design specifically for our kiosks giving us the ability to make modifications to the interface without effecting the hardware's functionality. 

Going Mobile

Grab and Go

Sign into our mobile app and make your purchase. 

See what's Available

Select your kiosk and see its inventory from any mobile device.

Be Social

You can also connect with Social Media and give friends gifts too!

real time data

Any way you'd like to access it!

Thanks to cloud data integration, threshold notifications and alerts keeps you updated on sales and inventory information wherever and whenever you want it. 

The online graphs allow you to track sales data, stock status, coins and  banknotes entered, scheduled reboots,  and internal temperature of each kiosk. 

Our proprietary software can be modified  to the needs of our  clients, from its specific features to the interface customization, we  adapt our software to your needs. 

Let us design something special