Michael F. Rigato


Michael F. Rigato is an energetic entrepreneur with a strong work ethic and a depth of experience in company building, strategic management, product design and operations. Michael has built companies in the areas of franchised hotels, land developer, and home building, as well as playing a role in an 8000-unit apartment REIT like consortium and Sr. management for a kiosk company. 

His career has been marked by successful entrepreneurial endeavors that span Canada and the U.S. Since 2008 Michael has been involved with the Management team of another Automated Retail Company and served as the V.P. of New Product Design and V.P. of Operations. He was instrumental in the redesign and launch of the DVD kiosk that landed the coveted Canadian Videotron (Quebec) contract, as well as the lead in the Intelligent Automated Retail segment of the company until his departure in 2013.

Michael’s keen sense of market opportunities and results-oriented mindset, combined with an ability to pull together and lead a strong team distinguishes him from other entrepreneurs. This drive lead Michael to start his own Kiosk Company and explore new areas for Intelligent Automation. Currently, Michael is the CEO of MagexUSA Inc. and is a trusted advisor to the Board of Directors of the US apartment Consortium.

Kannan Thiruvelangadu


Kannan Thiruvelangadu has 26 years manufacturing and management experience in the EMS industry with companies like Flextronics & Sanmina. 

His high-level manufacturing & management experience includes the development of Greenfield manufacturing plants for Flextronics, doing $32 billion in operations. His international experience stretches to 5 continents and includes countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico, India, China, Brazil, Poland and Uganda. 

Kannan has always been placed in positions of great responsibility and he always delivered. Most recently Kannan sat on the Board of Directors, the Management team, and served as V.P. of Manufacturing for his previous employer in the Automated Retail Industry. He is currently the President of MagexUSA Inc.

Arunava Dastidar

VP Software

Arunava Dastidar has over 15 years’ experience in Enterprise software, Quality Assurance, Training, and Operations Management. Arunava has worked as a Quality Assurance Analyst at North Plains Systems, a Top 100 Digital Content Companies by E-Content Magazine. He has worked at Quark Inc. as a Software Escalation Lead, training colleagues in product knowledge for the technical services team. 

His early education and experience was in the field of Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering with more than 10 years’ experience in mission critical Instrument Systems for combat jets for the Armed Forces. Most recently Arunava was the Manager for Software Quality Assurance, Support and Implementation department for his previous employer in the Automated Retail Industry. He was the Lead Q.A. & Software Operations Support for more than 300 DVD Kiosks throughout US and Canada. Arunava provided technical solutions to Business Development, Sales teams, and the CEO. He is currently the VP of Software for MagexUSA Inc.

Tom Hall

VP Sales and Corporate Development.

Tom Hall currently serves as VP, Sales and Corporate Development of MagexUSA Inc., where he oversees sales, strategy, training, positioning, implementation and growth of the AIR (Automated Intelligent Retail) line of Magex kiosks. Tom has been passionate about technology’s role in driving better results for brands and more relevant advertising for consumers. Tom understands technology and the media business intimately.

His history of achievement in the early days of online music sharing and his ability to provide successful business solutions – combined with sales leadership pushed him to the forefront of large retail business development.

Prior to joining MagexUSA, Tom served 8 years as Vice President Sales with an Automated Retail company, where he led the overall growth and direction in strategic and retail partnerships, sales verticals and the overall sales experience. We are proud to have a leader like Tom represent MagexUSA Inc. with all our Fortune 500 companies. 

Mauro Maule

Founder of MagexSRL

and Shareholder in MagexUSA

Mauro Maule has been a true pioneer in the Automated Retail space with 20 years under his belt.  Since its creation, Magex has designed systems to deliver almost any product effortlessly. 

Mauro and the MagexSRL team has installed over 3000 kiosks worldwide showing its strength in design, and excellence in product manufacturing. 

Mauro is a true Engineer and the inventor of the MagexSRL patented lane delivery system. He designed the Magex kiosks with reliability and ease of use as the two key features in its system. 

All nine models were conceived designed & tested in the Magex factory in Italy. Mauro is the owner of MagexSRL and  an equal partner in MagexUSA.